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With RHSA, your employees will receive double the health benefits for the same premium you are paying now.


Choose a premium that’s affordable for your company and say goodbye to overpriced premiums and unreasonable price hikes.

No Premium

Never worry about annual premium increases again. With RHSA, your premium will not increase unless you decide to change it.


Unlike traditional health benefit plans, your employees will get to choose the benefits they need and want.

Attract & Retain
Better Hires

Employees consider benefits one of
the top three reasons to choose employment with a company.

100% Tax-Free

Traditional plans require employees to pay after-tax dollars for benefits that are supposed to be 100% tax-free.

We Put Group Health Benefits
Pricing Back in Your Hands

RHSA is the leading provider of group health benefits for small business. With our solution, your employees will receive double the health benefits for the same premium you are paying now.


“Our employees love the flexibility our RHSA plan offers. They get the benefits they want and nothing is excluded. I highly recommend RHSA to any business owner.”

Matthew Cook CEO, SalesHub

"I was tired of the never-ending increases to our annual premium and was desperate to find a better solution. RHSA is exactly what we needed. Plus, now our employees have flexibility to spend on whatever they need, without restrictions."

Justine Rinaldo CEO, Abbott & Associates

“I was always concerned about our annual premium increases, but I didn’t think there was anything I could do about it! Now with RHSA I never have to worry about the rates increasing because I get to decide how much we can afford. Plus now my employees get to choose how they spend their benefits dollars. Win win!”

Mike Edwards Owner, Edwards & Sons
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