All health services provided by Registered Health Professionals in your province and 100% of all allowable medical expenses permitted by the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA) are covered by Registered Health Spending Account.

    • All health services provided by a traditional insured health benefit plans
    • Sports medicine healthcare needs
    • Wellness products and services
    • Family healthcare needs
    • Expensive healthcare expenses excluded in most Plans
    • Disability reduction healthcare needs

Contact Registered Health Spending Account to see if your healthcare need qualifies as an eligible medical expense for coverage.

Common Healthcare Expenses covered by Registered Health Spending Account

All healthcare services provided by a traditional insured health benefit plans including:

    • Prescription drugs
    • Routine dental care
    • Prescription eyeglasses and more…

Sports medicine healthcare needs including full coverage of:

    • Massage therapy
    • Physiotherapy
    • chiropractic
    • rehabilitation
    • orthotics
    • orthotic shoes
    • crutches and more…

Wellness products and services including:

    • gluten-free products
    • lab services
    • homeopathic sevices
    • naturopathic services
    • dietitian
    • liver extract injections and more…

Family healthcare expenses including:

    • braces for your children's teeth
    • baby breathing monitor
    • Doctor certificates
    • Doctor registration fees and other non-covered item
    • vaccines
    • tutors or children with learning disabilities
    • school for children with special needs, autism and more...

Expensive healthcare needs excluded in most Plan including:

    • glaser eye surgery
    • certain cosmetic surgery
    • orthodontics
    • dental implants
    • stomach surgery for obesity and more
    • chronic pain rehabilitation
    • addiction rehabilitation and more…

Disability reduction healthcare expenses including:

    • ambulance services
    • attendant care needs
    • insulin diabetic supplies
    • nursing service
    • nursing
    • scooter
    • hearing aid
    • wheelchair
    • car modification for disability
    • wigs
    • renovation expenses for disability reading devices
    • bathroom aids
    • elastic support hose and more…
Ask Registered Health Spending Account, RHSA, if your healthcare expense qualifies as an eligible medical expense for coverage