Health care spending accounts are one of Canada’s best kept tax secrets. Health care spending accounts allow business owners to take money out of their company tax free to pay for everyday medical expenses such as going to the dentist or paying for prescription drugs.

If you have a traditional health insurance plan, you may not be getting all the benefits you could be. What’s worse, is you could be doubling your benefits for the same cost! That’s why at Registered Health Spending Account, we created our guide, “How to Subsidize Your Health Plan Dollars”.


In this guide you will learn:
  • How to save 50-80 cents on each healthcare purchase;
  • Access to free Catastrophic Drug Coverage;
  • Combine with your partner's Insured Benefit Plan for more benefits;
  • No after tax deductions, co-paymets, or excluded healthcare expenses;
  • Save on reasonable and transparent administration costs

Many clients realize that they can double the amount of benefits they receive by using a Registered Health Spending Account.

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"How to Subsidize Your Health Plan Dollars"