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Have you noticed the mood in your office isn’t as good as it should be? Morale’s down, but what’s the cause? If you’re experiencing poor morale in your small business, you need a solution—quick!


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The first place you should look is your health plan. While it may not be the first thing that comes to your mind, it has a significant impact on your employees’ professional and personal lives.


First and foremost, your employees are there to work. While you would hope your employees are working at 100-percent capacity all day every day, that’s somewhat unrealistic. There are motivating factors that encourage employees to work harder, with health benefits being one of them.


If you provide your employees with the best of the best when it comes to their health benefits, they will recognize this and value their positions in your establishment more. Your employees will work harder to maintain a job where they are receiving exceptional benefits that they wouldn’t be privy to anywhere else.


When you give the best, you get the best.  


It’s a no-brainer—but when your employees have better health insurance, they’re healthier individuals. This means fewer days off sick and greater productivity. Plus, who isn’t miserable when they’re feeling under the weather? If you’re offering below-average employee benefits, you may be inhibiting your employees from seeking the health care they need. Don’t make your employees pay out of pocket for the health benefits they need and want; offer valuable benefits they’ll use to stay healthy.

Sense of Belonging

When people feel valued at work, there are countless benefits. Ways in which employers can show their employees how much they mean to the company is to:

  • Praise work,
  • Pay above average, and
  • Offer additional benefits like a full-coverage employee health plan.

By rewarding your employees in these ways, your employees will feel more successful and stable in their positions, contributing to overall greater office morale.


When you’re healthier and you feel a sense of belonging at work, you can’t help but feel happier. If you were to compare a company that offered its employees little to no benefits to a company that offered a great health plan, the majority of people would be much happier working for a company they felt valued them and showed it with great benefits.


The more you feel valued at your place of employment, the more you’re likely to be loyal to it. When you feel valued, you’re likely not going to pack up and move to another company. Why would anyone risk leaving a company that rewards and values their employees?


By default, you’ll also be able to attract more of the top talent once word gets around. Not only will you be establishing brand loyalty within your company, but it will trickle outwards as well. Working with a company that has a great reputation is one of the top criteria employees look for in a job search.


Treating your employees well, with an above-average group health plan, is the best way to ensure your employees stay put.

What Can You Do?

You want your employees to be productive, healthy, happy, and loyal, and have a sense of belonging? Provide your employees with a health plan that will achieve all these things, correlatively boosting employee morale.


Finding the best health coverage for your employees might seem difficult, but it’s not when you choose a registered health savings account. Covering a variety of different health-related needs, your employees get to choose exactly what they spend their allocated coverage on.


Giving your employees the ultimate choice over their health plan spending is the ultimate way to boost employee morale.  


All The Health Benefits Your Employees Need and Want

David Imrie

Dr. David Imrie founded RHSA Canada in 2009. Dr. Imrie is a medical doctor and former health insurance professional who has a passion for helping small businesses reduce their healthcare costs. As an executive in the insurance industry, he was shocked to find that so many common healthcare services are covered only partially by most insured plans, when employees were entitled to 100% coverage for all prescription drugs, dental services, and other healthcare expenses. Since leaving the insurance industry in 2001, Dr. Imrie committed to using newer technology to develop a better alternative program for small business health benefits.
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