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It’s no secret employees factor in benefits as a make-or-break decision maker when choosing where to work. But for employers, navigating the world of employee benefits can be a tricky process. How do you know what your employees really need and want? What’s the most enticing option for employees?


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First, you need to understand what benefits other companies are offering so you can differentiate your company and attract top-quality talent. These are the six types of employee benefits you’ll want to become well-acquainted with.

Medical Insurance

Free healthcare in Canada doesn’t mean every medical expense is free. For additional, non-mandatory services (as determined by the government) like psychiatrists, IVF, and dental, the fees for these services must be paid out of pocket. An initial consultation with a psychiatrist can cost you upwards of $500. That’s a lot to pay out of your own pocket.

Because of this need, of all the types of employee benefits, employees now expect their employers to provide them with good health insurance. This is one of the main components employees look for when choosing a place of employment. If you’re not offering top-quality health benefits, you won’t be attracting top-quality candidates.

There are two types of medical insurance to be aware of: group benefits and registered health savings accounts. Group benefits require you (and often your employees) to pay a premium to access a pre-determined amount of coverage. The amount of coverage is determined by which option you choose and how high of a premium you’re willing to pay.

The newer, more advanced option for employee health benefits is registered health savings accounts. As the employer, you allocate money to each employee to spend on their own individual approved medical needs. It’s a way to tailor your employees’ benefits, straying away from the cookie-cutter options of traditional benefits. It not only saves you money but your employees as well.


Who doesn’t love a little sun? More employees are looking for paid vacation as part of their benefits options. It’s a way to get a well-deserved break without having to budget weeks before. Most full-time employees are entitled to two weeks of paid vacation, but adding extra days as an added benefit is a clever way to attract and keep your valued employees.

Tuition Reimbursement

One of the new types of employee benefits companies are using to try to attract new talent is tuition reimbursement. The way to attract the best of the best is to offer them something most other companies won’t. Tuition reimbursement not only benefits the individual employee but also ensures that the employer is hiring well-educated, qualified candidates.


A retirement plan is an option that allows employees to deduct a certain percentage of their paycheques to reserve for when they retire. As an added benefit, many companies will match their employees’ contributions, which not only benefits the employee but adds an extra incentive to save responsibly for their futures.

There are also retirement savings options in which the employee doesn’t contribute anything, with the employer taking on the full responsibility of the investment.

Disability Insurance

We all want to know that, in the case of a sudden accident, we won’t be without a monthly income. Disability insurance is the best way to ensure that if your employees are hurt, you’ve got them covered. Both short-term and long-term disability insurance make sure that even while your employees aren’t working, they’re well taken care of by your company.

Life Insurance

If you passed away suddenly, you would want your family to be cared for, right? Life insurance makes sure those you love most are compensated for their loss. From funeral costs to living expenses, offering life insurance as a benefit to your employees is the best way to make sure their families are covered financially in their time of need.

The Brokers and Planners Guide to Group Health Benefits

David Imrie

Dr. David Imrie founded RHSA Canada in 2009. Dr. Imrie is a medical doctor and former health insurance professional who has a passion for helping small businesses reduce their healthcare costs. As an executive in the insurance industry, he was shocked to find that so many common healthcare services are covered only partially by most insured plans, when employees were entitled to 100% coverage for all prescription drugs, dental services, and other healthcare expenses. Since leaving the insurance industry in 2001, Dr. Imrie committed to using newer technology to develop a better alternative program for small business health benefits.
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