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Registered Health Spending Account (RHSA)

One of the biggest challenges for Canadian small business owners concerns the never-ending year-over-year increase in the cost of traditional insured employee health benefits plans.

If you’re a small business owner looking to offer your employees better health benefits at an affordable rate, RHSA can help.

The primary attraction of RHSA is that it covers 100% of out-of-pocket health care costs for employees with 100% pre-taxed dollars. Plus, the funds allocated to the account qualify as a business expense for the company. Compared to traditional health benefit plans, this is a much more cost-effective way to provide health benefits to your employees.

More Benefits

With RHSA, your employees will receive double the health benefits for the same premium you are paying now.

Affordable Premiums

Choose a premium that’s affordable for your company and say goodbye to overpriced premiums and unreasonable price hikes.

No Premium Increases

Never worry about annual premium increases again. With RHSA, your premium will not increase unless you decide to change it.

Flexible Coverage

Unlike traditional health benefit plans, your employees will get to choose the benefits they need and want.

Attract & Retain Better Hires

Employees consider benefits one of the top three reasons to choose employment with a company.

100% Tax-Free Benefits

Traditional plans require employees to pay after-tax dollars for benefits that are supposed to be 100% tax-free.

Registered Health Spending Account (RHSA) can be combined with a traditional Insured benefit plan to fill the gaps in coverage or can be used as a standalone account.

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Choose RHSA and put more health benefit dollars in your employees’ pockets.

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