You Are in Control

Choose a premium that is appropriate and affordable for your company and say goodbye to overpriced premiums and unreasonable price hikes dictated by an insurer.

You are in control of your premium costs. You get to set your group health benefit premium to fit your company’s budget—and your employees will receive double the value of their benefits.

No Premium Increases

With RHSA, you don’t have to worry about yearly premium increases. The RHSA price guarantee means your premium will not increase until you decide the cost is affordable. Say goodbye to 10¬–20% yearly increases in your group health benefit premiums and rest assured knowing the premium you budgeted for now will remain consistent year after year until you decide to change it.

Subsidize Your Premium Dollars

An RHSA defined contribution plan makes each of your premium dollars go further by:

  • integrating with all private and public plans to subsidize your plan costs
  • saving payroll tax dollars for your company and your employees
  • preventing paying double catastrophic drug coverage
  • adding to the full value of spousal health insurance to your plan
  • crediting any unused premium dollars back to your company
  • saving administration costs

Compare Premium and Benefit Costs

Let’s compare a traditional plan to an RHSA health benefit plan. What happens to your traditional plan after three years? Your company will be paying 33% more premium and your employees will receive 22% less benefits. With RHSA, your premium stays the same, year after year. The only reason your RHSA premium would ever increase is if you decide to pay more.

Sound too good to be true?

Are you wondering why your broker hasn’t presented the RHSA defined contribution option? Insurance brokers sell insurance. Can you afford a 100% insurance option and ignore the defined contribution option of integration and subsidization?
You Are in Control, No Premium Increases, Subsidize Your Premium Dollars, Compare Premium and Benefit Costs, Sound too good to be true?