Affordable Premiums

RHSA squeezes the most benefits out of each premium dollar and maintains your health benefits budget. Instead of sending premiums to an insurer each month, you can now allocate the same amount to each employee’s RHSA health benefits account.

For example, instead of spending $250 per month on premiums for each employee, your company could allocate this amount to each RHSA benefits account.

At the end of your benefit year, any unclaimed funds are retained by your company, and you will never exceed your benefits budget because employee claims are limited to the amount in their accounts.

With RHSA, your company is in total control of your health benefits budget each year. You set an affordable budget that works for you with no renewal premium dictated by your insurer.

Registered Health Spending Account (RHSA) can be combined with a traditional Insured benefit plan to fill the gaps in coverage or can be used as a standalone account.

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