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RHSA provides double the health benefits compared to an insured benefits plan for the same cost! How is this possible?

  1. RHSA charges less than 5% for administration. Insurers charge on average 35%. We then apply this 30% savings to your employees’ benefits.
  2. RHSA reimburses employees for 100% of their benefit costs (to the annual maximum in their health benefits accounts). By contrast, insured plans make partial payments, requiring your employees to pay copays, deductibles, and excluded benefits with after-tax wage earnings.
  3. RHSA is sensitive to the increased health benefit needs of families and permits “piggybacking” or the combining of both partner/spouse plans for more coverage at no additional cost to your company. By contrast, insured plans limit families to one plan but collect two premiums, one from each company.

Registered Health Spending Account (RHSA) can be combined with a traditional Insured benefit plan to fill the gaps in coverage or can be used as a standalone account.

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